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This was hilarious! What a story-this was a most enjoyable read! :)
I rarely comment this early, but after I read this, I found myself laughing out loud. What a wonderful humorous story. Beautiful dialogue. Thank you for making my day.
I am glad I was not the one who had to fill out the report. :-)
Only one word here.....HAHAHAHA!
Okay, a couple more, what fun! Excellent.
Okay, this was really cute, and well written! Poor little old lady, stuck in the bathroom and then confronted by the police... Hehe, very creative!
A very amusing story and it was very well written! I really enjoyed this one!
Cool! Very funny. What an imagination.
A very amusing and well told story. Good sense of place. With words to play with I would like to have known more about how Brody felt, especially when Walters didn’t search the old woman as ordered. The old woman is a really well drawn character and not at all what one expects from someone her age. Left me smiling. Well done.
I enjoyed this just as much the second time. Too funny!
No wonder you are moving up! This is fantastic! Guaranteed to put a smile on the reader's face!

So creative! Even when using the standard police characters. Cool!

Great job Chrissy! :)
Besides a very well written story, I'm beginning to feel the confidence of a skilled writer behind the words. I enjoyed the story, but I'm thrilled with how well you are writing. God bless.
Oh! What a funny story! Maybe Granny really did do it! The Harley and how she got away without being searched, made me wonder. This is so funny! Great job Chrissy!
How fun! Somehow I think it would take a supergranny to be able to ride that bike after spending the night stuck in the bathroom. Somehow just the thought makes me giggle.
Love it! I'd give a lot to read the police report...excellent job!
Great job! Gonna give ya a DAVEY for this one!
Hilarous! I enjoyed this so much! I did have to wonder about the skirt and getting on the Harley! LOL! Very creative and enjoyable!
Too funny! Great imagery - loved the humor. Perfect for "police." Nicely done.
What a fun story. I can almost feel the old lady's indignance. And she rides a Harley in a skirt???! Wow - what a woman. Well written.
Loved it! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning. Keep up the great work.

I had to read this one out loud to my husband. What a wonderful story, so well told!
This is toooooooooooooo great. Beginner at the time? Wow. you are amazing Christee. God bless your talent.Man, oh man,talk about shifting gears when you write each story, no matter what you write you do it well and with such enthusiasm, adding such life and vibrancy to each entry. A+ in my book. (Oh I re-read your message and realized the top 40 and 15 for each group is in the message board,so much for being new at FW,grin. Yay,I did make it for the shopping theme,you're right. Take care hon. Janice
Too funny! I'm so glad you told where she put the cane, cause I was wondering. Great job!
Chrissy - I can't BELIEVE I had never read this before! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! What a great imagination and description you presented here.
Too fun!! I often joke about having white hair and riding a motor scooter...hehe. :-)
Chrissy!!!! This is just masterful, I'm telling you this is solid, wonderful and just flat out enjoyable. You created a super granny I could just picture down to the last hair. Excellent work, as always. Thanks for the encouraging comments you consistently give in my work.
What a delight, Chrissy! I'm so glad you pointed this one out. How did I miss it before??
Oh, too funny Chrissy. Thanks for pointing me towards it. Now I understand Biker Granny in 'The story' better.