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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Peter Stone
Website: aswordfortheking.blogspot.com/
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Articles written: 50

 About Self
Peter Stone has an international marriage, two children. Currently suffers from epilepsy and otosclerosis. A Bible College Graduate he teaches Sunday school and plays the piano in church.

Current work-in-progress is editing and revising an epic fantasy novel, which can be viewed at my blog.

Please NOTE: I am not subscribed to the Private Messenger System, if you would like to contact me, please contact me through my blog.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
10/25/07 This Is Not the End 846 Free to Share
10/10/07 Seraphina's Big, Big Problem, a children's story 1113 Not For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
01/10/10 She Danced Alone
04/08/09 youtube
03/04/09 Missionary Orientation Trip, Bangkok, 1989
12/07/08 unworthy of consideration
06/11/08 Border Reivers
05/26/08 The Only Message They Heed
05/20/08 The Strays
05/12/08 Let the Dead Bury Their Own
05/04/08 The Medal
04/26/08 Unclean
04/21/08 Okinawa, 1947
04/15/08 Third Sunday
04/07/08 Short Memories
03/09/08 Text Message
03/04/08 Signpost
02/25/08 Charming Rhetoric
02/18/08 Dreams Forsaken
02/11/08 Have You Seen My Squire?
02/03/08 The Waitress
01/29/08 Indulgences
01/21/08 Mistaken Identity
01/13/08 Are We Not Enough For You?
01/06/08 Where Did I Go Wrong?
12/08/07 Out of Time
12/05/07 The Pharisee
11/18/07 Reflections at Dawn
11/10/07 Who Will Heed Her Woes?
11/07/07 The Hitchhiker
10/30/07 A Frog with Laryngitis
10/21/07 You Made Me Do This!
10/15/07 I Love the Smell of Coffee
10/05/07 I'm Not Just Going To Stand Here!
09/18/07 The Nemesis of Italy
09/06/07 The Clipboard
08/31/07 It Is Against The Law !
08/25/07 Jesus, Help Us! Our Foster Daughter Is Missing!
08/20/07 Your Fiance Rang Me This Morning
08/03/07 Mommy, Please Donít Fight with Daddy
07/27/07 The Lordís Last Request
07/20/07 Why Are You Hiding?
07/14/07 Loser!
07/06/07 Next!
06/10/07 What Has Knitting Got to do with Abortion?
06/02/07 I'm So Unhappy All The Time
05/27/07 Grave Robbers
05/17/07 Why do You just sit there?
05/12/07 Jesus will die here, now, at Gethsemane. There will be no crucifixion
05/06/07 Provision Through Tribulation

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
07/08/2010 Christian Depression Testimony
04/21/2010 Letting Go of Past Hurts
04/19/2010 Preventing Depression
12/11/2009 Depression, It is Not Good for Man to be Alone
11/27/2009 Breaking Depression's Fear Cycle
11/16/2009 Understanding Depression
11/14/2009 Depression, the Silent Epidemic
11/05/2008 Dating an Unbeliever
09/30/2008 Fix Your Eyes Upon Jesus
09/10/2008 Problems? What Problems Have I Got? - a children's story
09/10/2008 What Are You Scared Of? - a children's story
09/10/2008 Why Are You Hiding? - a children's story
09/10/2008 I'm So Unhappy All the Time - a Children's Story
04/20/2008 Abandoned Responsibilities
03/07/2008 Enter a Relationship with Your Eyes Open
01/17/2008 Where Did I Go Wrong
12/09/2007 Next!
11/11/2007 Raising a Child in the Way of the Lord
08/16/2007 Do Not Try to Change the Subject
08/02/2007 What Has Knitting Got to do with Abortion?