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Great use of dialogue. I felt like I was watching the debate on TV.

Very thought-provoking piece. I loved the scripture reference at the end.
Great Debate. I wanna read the book to the end! And give it to sinners! A DAVEY for "Best Debate."

Edy, brave warrior! You've gone where angels fear to tread...this is brilliantly written! You captured the lingo and flavor of academia all too well. Like the others, I'm hanging in limbo for the ending!
It was like watching a debate on TV. But the depth of the dialog came from your diligence to study and show yourself approved unto God. Very nice indeed.
A thought provoking piece, which I'm sure was your intention. TO my mind, this debate with these voices sounds more like a student debate than that of two renowned academics - who would couch themselves, I think, in more sophisticated terms and probably approach the debate from a different angle. Nothwithstanding, a powerful piece.
I so much appreciated this approach--I would never read a purley academic treatise on the same subject, but you made it interesting and compelling. Very well done.
Wow. This is powerful stuff. Well written and clearly articulated on both sides. If I didn't know beter I think I might have believed both of them. lol. Loved it.
Great stuff. I was well wrapped into this debate. It seemed so authentic. You are very good.
What a glorious take on abundance, true abundance!
He did not die in vain! Your heart of love shines through!
I enjoy a good debate. This is very creative and well articulated. A quite ambitious undertaking. Good job!
Great way to show the two points of view in a debate. Well argued. Convincing. Yeggy