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This was wonderfully written, a very sad but too often true story of a family who loses a child. I'd comment more but I need to go get a tissue.
This article is so touching. The grief that the mother held back all those years in that locked room was like a bitter enemy lurking in the home.
So much feeling.
I enjoyed it.
How sad and how beautiful. Well done.
Such a desperate waste of precious time for her living son and their lives. There is such a deep feeling of loss to this. Not only for a child, but of 3 other lives who lived a living death. You conveyed unmerciful sorrow very well.
Heartwrenching to lose a child. But the memory should never be locked away but shared with those who care.
I really enjoyed this story. One of my favorites of the week. I think you have a shot of placing.
Breathtakingly beautiful.
Can I line up and join all the other admirers?
My favourite line:
"Just like that, I had a brother and lost him in the same breath."
What heartbreaking story -well told.
Beautiful - so touching.
I lost my little brother when I was six. So this touched me deeply.
A well deserved win... Kate~
Congrats Ann! Awesome job. Glad you placed.
A poignantly written tribute to the need to grieve, and that it is never too late to do so.
This was beautiful, Ann. My favorite line was also "I had a brother and lost him in the same breath." My only critique is that a three-year-old would probably remember an older brother. Well done!
I do not get moved easily and your story stirred me deeply. Well done!
Great story! My favourite line is: '...and never had I seen two teacups in the sink.' The inversion you employed makes it beautiful.
Well done.