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Oh Wow! I really loved this creative and clever entry. Excellent job.

God bless~
A lot of thought has gone into this creative entry. Well done. I thought it went a little flat at the end, but otherwise very thought provoking.
Wow. This should catch the judges' eyes! What a zany bunch of unholy characters vying for power.
Highly creative. Well done. Slight typo where undo should be undue.
You might be able to develop this into a readable "kid's story". Some like this do very well.

We can all see "who" we are and see if we are letting God's Holy Spirit that was given to us upon our baptism help us grow into the likeness of Christ.
Very creative. The characters all fitted their names, or vice-versa.
This was excellent! At first, I didn't realize what was going on but was pleasantly surprised when the truth was revealed. Very creative and on topic.
Excellent job. It seems I always come across a gem when the EC list comes out that I somehow missed that week. This is that one for this week's entries. So creative and outside the box, although I guess these guys are all inside a really tiny box. :)

Great take on the topic and a well deserved EC! Congratulations!

God bless you~