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All the way from "minutes pass as a stagnated wind," to "the endless Truth, He lives! He lives!" there are some remarkable lines.

It's awesome to know that when "Depression has come to sleep tonight," we can "seek the refuge His spirit is lending."

A well crafted poem and a very memorable psalm.
Hooray! Love this. I like the introduction to each quatrain repeated and embellished.

It grabbed me from the start and gripped me all the way through. Possibly because I'm so familiar with the subject matter from personal experiences. And know a smidgen of your story.

Bless you! I can see a definite improvement in your poetry!
So many beautiful metaphors and descriptive words in your poem. Each portrays a depth of emotion that captures the reader.

" minutes pass as a stagnated wind," - Love it!

The last stanza is a perfect finish for this emotion-packed
poem that is filled with pathos AND hope.

Superb job, Lynn!
Simply fabulous, and extraordinary, line after line...emotion after emotion, powerful and riveting!

This entire entry completely blew me away. Amazing piece of work here...I felt this poem and it moved me more than I can express.

Congratulations on this magnificent masterpiece...and congratulations on "moving up to Masters" --you are beyond ready!

God bless you Lynn~
Insomnia is nrmally nothing to lose any sleep over, :-(, but you have crafted this poem very cleverly. Despite a strict format, there is a beautiful flow of thought, climaxing with a powerful declaration.
On the other hand, if you are having trouble sleeping, lie along the edge of the mattress - and you'll drop off in no time!!!!
Great work.
A powerfully emotive work enhanced by the well-woven structure. Resonated with both depth of heart and sterling craftsmanship.

Excellent, excellent, indeed.
Very impressed by your deeply spiritual musing poem about lonliness and depression in the night, but thankfully:-
'Heaviness may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning'.
Endless nights, endless hours, endless longings. You pulled out my heartstrings and played them so gently . . .
I'm last minute reading entries but I'm so glad I came across this one. This is totally compelling and draws the reader right inside the thoughts and feelings of the MC. Great for the topic, and in my book, well worthy of a top placing. (2 hours away - I said I was late!!!)
Wow what a powerful piece. I can totally relate and my heart ached for that person, but then...Jesus. And no more needs to be said. Hugs.