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I once saw Him in a dream, standing in the clouds. I used the word beautiful to describe Him but that was because I didn't have other befitting description--He is actually more than beautiful. He reveals the glory of His beauty to those who have forsaken all to seek Him. Thanks for capturing the picture of His beauty.
You said it in the beginning - "my prayer". A wonderful personal description therein. Actually, as I read this I thought, what a nice hymn this would make. Thanks.
Delightful prose!
Very worshipful, very involving!
What a wonderful closeness you have expressed with Jesus. Thank you for sharing it. Yeggy
I felt that I was treading on holy ground. Your love and delight in Jesus just shone throughout this piece. Extremely personal and yet a challenge to the reader to seek and enter into such a relationship. I agree that it could work as a hymn - I found myself wanting to close my eyes and listen and worship. Thank you for sharing.
This flowed together as beautifully as a song - a song that is refreshing and renewing to my spirit. Thank you so much for sharing.
Every word true and 'beautifully' done!
Only one who has suffered so, can 'see, taste, and experience'.... Beauty. Beautiful.
This is not something that someone could just make up. You have perfectly captured the heart of someone who is really in love with the Lord. Well done, dear friend!
Very well done.
A beautiful prayer straight from a beautiful heart!
True, No other beauty can compare to Jesus. This is Simply Beautiful. I Love your Winning words from the heart.

“There’s none other more beautiful than You!
And what can compare to the beauty of Your Presence?
I could look around at created beauty for inspiration and elaborate on a carefully crafted story with my fertile imagination.
But I can’t! I can’t go further than You...the epitome of true beauty!”
Blessing. Helen

Beautiful Karen. Thank you for writing such an intimate piece and putting it out here for us to share. My favourite lines: "I love the intimate silence between us as I sit before You.
Lost in Your presence I’ve discovered that words are not necessary." I long for that, and cherish it when it is there. Beautiful.
What a lovely (I hesitate to use the word 'beautiful' because it is so pale in comparison with the beauty of Jesus that you've brought out so well) ... as I was saying, what a beautiful insight into the heart of someone truly in love with her Lord. Thanks for letting us have a glimpse.
Oops ... I meant 'lovely' in the comment above ... truly!!!
Karen, thank you for sharing this prayer from your heart, it sent vibrations into my heart and blessed my soul!