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This is a great story. I felt like I traveled back a hundred years and was watching it unfold with my own eyes. My son reminded me recently when I was worrying about money that it's not our money but belongs to God. I just love it when my kids humble me like that and here your story reminded me again.
Oh, to step forward in such faithfulness as your MC did, brings riches beyond compare!

I love the truthfulness of the writing, the wife's concerns through the knowing that trusting God is more than all of that...

Wow, good piece.
Greetings -

Thank you.

I adored this story. Yes indeed. And to learn that it is true made me enjoy it more.

I love this that you expressed, "He was rare then, and would nearly be an extinct species in our modern times."

How right that is but how wonderful to know that there are still some folks who are credible and of solid character.

This story is a true delight!
I can always almost tell immediately a true story. This one held the air of authenticity and it was confirmed at the end of this marvelous entry.

Fabulous story and one of which will stay with me for some time. Nicely done.

GOD bless~
This story was simply wonderful. I echo everything has said. It was so refreshing to see this level of simple honest and the honest reaction of the wife. Yet her trust in the Lord was stronger than her concerns about provision. So much to learn from there. Great piece!
Good story that shows well what true riches are. Thanks for writing this. It is a blessing.
Love, love, loved this story. So wonderful. God truly rewards the honest and faithful. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. God bless!
A powerful testimony and an encouraging piece. Thank you for sharing this. God bless.
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level three and 25 overall!