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You raise some very interesting points in this. The title is very apt, and I'm sure that some prayers, uttered without sincerity of heart, would be comparable to spam.

My main issue with this piece of writing is that it comes across as being judgmental and self-righteous. I don't believe you are intentionally doing so, but some of the wording you have used accuses and appears to judge - and I believe that you have a very valid message!

We need prophets/speakers of the Word to keep us constantly reviewing our beliefs/why we do certain things - are we following God's Word, or the idea/s of a pastor or speaker? BUT to be well received, you must present your message out of love for your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

If you really, truly desire to be heard, ask God for the right way to present your message. I hope this has been written with the same kind of respect and love that I am speaking of! Well done for having the courage to write this possibly controversial entry.
This is interesting. I'm not sure everyone will agree with you but I think it's good to have different ideas out there that make people think and ponder their beliefs. You definitely covered the topic in a fresh way. Often, I think some prayer chains are nothing but a way to deliver gossip but I have also felt the effects of several people praying for me.
I agree with the previous two writers on their analysis, but wanted to bring it down to a personel level as this is where we most often feel convicted. I really admired your passion in the delivery, but not sure I agree that all group prayer is spamming God. For example, several years ago, some very close friends of our were confronted with the possibility that their eight year old boy had intestinal cancer. In their distress, they called on their brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for him. With much heart felt sadness for this potential loss, my wife and I literally cried out to the Lord for this young man and his family as I'm sure others on the prayer chain did as well. Well, the result was the doctors being dumbfounded by their gross misinterpretation of the lab results and a miraculous non existence of cancer. Now, granted, we did not do anything other than heartfelt group prayer. God, through his divine power heard the cries of his people and delivered this young man. Or, perhaps the doctors really did blow it!! However, I choose to believe the former. Anyway, I am in total agreement with your thesis if you are calling out "Wednesday Night at 6:00 PM prayer/healing service" where Pastor Billy Bob is guiding the Holy Spirit's actions of healing, but not on your blanket dismissal of corporate prayer. But a big definite thank-you for the reminder for all of us not to be flipant in calling on our awesome God. Thanks!
Oh man, so controversial! But yes, it is disheartening when we see something precious being cheapened. The only experience I've ever had with chain prayer has been positively glorious. I've never seen this other side, but I have no doubt it exists.

Still, I can't imagine our all-powerful God would feel 'bullied' by excessive prayer. He knows who He is, and what He's about to do. It is His plan, after all.

Anyway, you know when you've written a great piece when you stir up emotions such as these.
That was certainly a different 'take' than the other entries that I've read. Must give it top ratings for 'out of the box'.

On a personal note, I've found that prayer rarely changes God's mind---ok, maybe never instead of rarely--(rolling my eyeballs).

However, prayer does change ME; which, perhaps is the whole point of the discipline of prayer? You certainly set the stage for some introspective thought. Good job on that. I like it.
Congratulations for ranking 9th in level 3!