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I can't quite get the hang of this. There's a lot to follow. I once watched something on TV about a Zombie state when people were thought to be dead. Am I on the right track?
I wish you had more words to tell your thrilling story with. The characters were interesting and the science fiction vibes were giving me chills. This could easily bean excerpt from a great novel.
I love this. Love the tone, love the voice, but most of all I love the tribute (intended or not) to the era of the handwritten letter. A time when one had to wait a great deal of time to hear from loved ones, but when one did recieve communication, it was far more revealing than a two-line status.

Oh, hey, is this a zombie take on Jane Austen?
Ah, yes it is. I'm sure of it now. That's why I enjoyed it so much. Clever.
Ah yes. Brilliant! Now I do get it. This is very clever and well written in the light of the explanation. How dumb am I? Especially seeing I'm nearly JA's next door neighbour! Well done.
Don't wish to comment on how "Austen"tacious this is, but I got a bit lost in the long paragraphs. There are elements of fun, but they may be easier to enjoy with shorter stanzas.
Now this was unique. I had to read it a couple times but once I understood what was going on, it made much more sense. Very creative. I do agree about maybe breaking up the paragraphs some for easier reading.