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Cute and romantic! I am enjoying the romance this week. Seems it's on a few peoples minds. It must be spring! :) had me totally absorbed in the beginning and was disappointed when I realized it was the MC's story :)
Stephen--what a guy! Just the right husband for a writer! I predict Molly will solve her "python dilemma" and save Corban's life, especially since he's so pivotal to the rest of the story. Enjoyed this!
Awesome! I loved how you played to the struggle between writers and non-writers. My best friend is not a writer, and she's told me many times that the stories in my head wear her out. Great characters.
You definitely had a great opener with this one. It captured my attention and kept me reading.
A very interesting read. We certainly need to get away to rest sometimes to have our minds refreshed and renewed before we can find new inspiration to our written works. This story describes Mark 6:31-32 very well.
I loved the story too. Wonderful way to catch our attention in the beginning. This kept me captivated all the way through and yes, what a wonderful husband Steven is.
lol, don't you just love it when you write yourself into a corner?

Glad your MC's husband started "catching on" to her plight ;-)
Great writing, great dialogue between wife and husband.
UGH! Snakes... why did it have to be snakes? Nice to see you still entering the Challenge, Chrissy. Good read too xx