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Well done. I just learned last night that there's a word in the dictionary: empurple and it's a literary term meaning to write with purple prose. Not sure why I said that but I did enjoy this poem even though you didn't mention my favorite quandry. What is the difference between violet-blue and blue violet? Still it's well done.
This is clever. You are obviously a deep thinker and probably a lot of fun.
So very heart felt and so very well said!
This was a fun read-good job!
Very well done! Kept my interest from beginning to end. Two things - you have the title of your piece at the top of the body of your poem. It is distracting. Secondly, be sure to watch what you do with your second double quotes. The punctuation always goes inside the second quotes. Great job!
These were my exact thoughts when thinking of this color - so mixed and confusing. But you've expressed it all so well and make it seem so seemingly simple. Great job.
Never thought of purple as pitiful, but I did think your poem was cute. Purple can put you in quandry because you can seldom find two hues that match. I love it though. Good job!