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Powerful entry and message. I always wondered why the pillar of salt (maybe that really is what Lot's wife turned back for. LOL)
Realistic action. Immersed me from the beginning. Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Great take on a Scriptural event. I often wondered what she might have left behind. Very poignant.
Now I see why she turned to a pillar of salt! Great Work! Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful take on luggage. A very creative and insightful possibility on why Lot's wife looked back. I really liked this one!
This is a very creative and entertaining article. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent. (I know that feeling of thinking you've forgotten something of value. Too bad, Lot's wife lost the most valuable thing of all....her life.
Remember Lot's wife. What is it that tempts us to turn back? Great message. Awesome writing!
Terrific! Great job capturing the atmosphere of sin, tension and urgency. I could feel it!
I believe this one is a winner!
Masterfully written, well-realized characters. You could have ended it without your last phrase; let the reader reach that conclusion on his own. Bravo!!!
WOW! This is great. A likely contender if I'm not much mistaken. You nailed the topic with great writing and an excellent message. I really enjoyed reading this story from Lot's wife's perspective.
A great re-write of this Biblical story! Enjoyed it very much. :-)
Great title. Impressive use of the big word 'discombobulated' too! Well done!
well written.. I agree that it is a contender! Very good!
A very realistic portrayal of this awesome story! Good job.