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Kind of a shock to the nervous system, but these things really do happen and I am so sorry for these children.

Jill, looks like you are in the hands of a forgiving current mom. That is what Jesus does best, forgive.

Thank you Jesus for the blood that you shed on Calvary, now we can be free!
This is excellent! Very literary, and extremely compelling. Top-notch writing, absolutely.
Quite a compelling story and unique perspective. I only hope the piece wasn't a personal essay. Your writing easily helps to form mental pictures. Nice job.
Good, clear imagery. The first part reads more along the form of a diary or perhaps suicide letter, though. The change to the family rushing out was a bit abrupt from the original form, as was the transition to the hospital. Still, it was all very real in the imagery and expressions. An excellent reminder of how unreal so many can be who hide behind the mask of the church.
Good writing. I like your style.
You captured the intensity of the child's hurt and rage in a clear, startling way. I like the way the pacing and words kept me off-kilter through-out. The stark nature of the story is captivating.
A very disturbing piece - but true to life for some. Compelling reading and well written. Colin
Wow, amazing!! This was great writing. I could feel the child's pain. I am glad that the girl was able to find a loving family at the end. I only wish that all children could have that.
Wow. This is really, really well done. A fantastic read..and yes, shocking.
Oh, Larry. Intensely raw, savage even. But, so well written and AUTHENTIC.
I am in the middle somewhat of a situation that this is so similar to. "Friends" who fostered a young girl and within the last month I have learned that he is a pedophile and has many victims including the child.
Your story tore the emotions right out of my heart.