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Wonderful! You communicated so well your feelings. Just as you hated to leave the retreat, I hated to see your article come to an end. Lovely use of language!
Loved the submission in the last line....... "The valley called for my return!"
This is great! Excellent points without belaboring them.
I agree, a great punch at the end: "The valley called for my return."
Yes, I could feel the presence of that place! Well done.
All feelings I can relate to from my own 'mountain top experiences'. Felt like I was right there with you, thanks for taking me on the journey...
I have been there - wanting to stay in a place where I have met with God and build a dwelling place - an excellent use of scripture.
Wonderful sensory imagery! I was in her shoes thanks to a talented writer!
Very well written, with powerful, and effective imagery and personification. Thanks.
Excellent. The power line: "Yet, the moment was only intended to catch a glimpse of glory and go back to share the vision with the rest of the community."

That explains we go on "retreat" and not a "relocation!"
Bravo. Great sensory detail and description. Thanks.
You captured the feeling of returning home. We've all been to the mountain top and never wanted to leave.
I liked the line "The key waited in the ignition." because the insertion of this one little line emphasizes your hesitancy to leave. The last line about your return to the valley was excellent. Enjoyed this!!