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Gotta love those physical therapists - "no pain, no gain". Glad at least one of them had the intellect to read your records. You certainly covered the topic with creative experience. Good job!
I learned much from your story, and appreciated the message within. Thanks.
I was mildly interested in this...until I got to the phrase "sometimes we prefer comfort over healing". What a zinger! Excellent!
True about hospital gowns. Who makes those things anyway?
Having a book for a medical file, taking lots of time to fill out the questionaires, etc. AND still having them comment, letting you know they haven't even bothered to READ, much less STUDY. Yep, happens alot.
Well-written piece filled with truth and many life-lessons.
How true, how true! You have drawn some good spiritual insights in this entry. Well done.
I like the roundabout turn of the story to redirect the readers' attention to the conviction by the Holy Spirit of the fact that our pain is temporary, while God's forgiveness surrounds us all with His warmth and love forever.
You made me laugh - I always question why the doctors don't read the file instead of asking everything all over again - why bother filling out the papers? ergh... The first words about the ice massage made me jump and shiver.
Ouch! you made me wince, just imagining the sensations.
Very good applications too.
Well done!