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Very creative and well written! There is so much realism to this story. I really believe you've been there, at the lake with your son. An awesome read. Good job!
Very fun entry, yet filled with truth. Out of the mouth of babes... yikes! (Loved the references to hermones and squishier parts. LOL)
Well written. Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Like this one! Good flow and message! Been there with my son.
And here is one of the beauties of camping, eh - deep conversations with your child! What a great piece.
Nice flow. And hasn't every parent been there -- giving too much information when all they really meant was answer their question! I too liked the "hermones" line. Nice flow to the end.
Precious conversations! That was a laid back and relaxed kind of read.
I love these conversations with kids, while the parents are sweating for answers. Very delightful. God bless ya, littlelight
He blinked. “Oh. My friend Axol said they have cooties. I’ll tell him they have hermones that make them squishy.”

I have a cough and I about choked to death laughing over this line. But I'm not dead and I enjoyed the laugh! I'm still wiping tears out of my eyes.

Great fun, wonderful message. You do like to push that envelope!
Oh yeah, been there... No parent is ever as prepare as they would want to be for 'those' questions. Very real representation of a father and questioning kid. Enjoyable read.
Incredible! So real, so tender, so fun. Another beautiful job of word smithing.
Signed, One who has hermones and is squishy.
Very curious story. :-) It was cute, though, and I liked it!
Very interesting. "Cooties?" I have not heard that word in years.
Wonderful! I have a feeling I'll be using the "special hug" line in a couple years :)
Hi Maxx. Just popping by to let you know that you were in the semi-finals again - something that never surprises me! Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Are you kidding me? Perfect! You didn't make your five year old talk like a Rhodes scholar! COngrats! "Mommy is squishier than I am, at least in places.” I will have to remember that sentacne when I have kids! I couldn't get through the rest because I kept laughing. I also loved the aprt about the "special hug." Maxx, perfect. I was getting uncomfortable. The tension was perfect. Dialogue hit the nail on the head. Perfect piece. Should send this one in to get published. I loved it.