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Tell me the old old story...a wonderful retelling of John 21.
Thank you
A wonderfully personally telling of the account.
This was a masterful presentation of the event. Great descriptions. We truly saw the depths of emotion that Peter might have been feeling!
Beautiful! Well done!

Just a comment, not about your writing, which is great. Just an aside really. Have you ever thought about why Simon Peter put his cloak on in the boat before he jumped into the water and swam to shore? I heard a sermon on it recently, and the fellow preaching made a big deal of how Peter recognized that he was in the presence of his very great Lord and so felt he had to be dressed properly? Hmm.

Anyhow, your piece was great - thanks for sharing.
With this sort of story I look for some new insight into the character. I think I found it: 'He had proven that his love was temporal and flawed.'
Thanks for posting this well written story.
That was awesome!
Like I was there with them. Very nice writing. Love that story! God bless, littlelight
Brimming with emotion! Such a familiar story, and yet I found myself hanging on, waiting for that familiar response: HOPE. A well told rendition!
Very well done. Good work and good job! :)
Nice fresh take on this ageless story! very nice!