The Official Writing Challenge
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Sorry, I finished this article and said "and..." this is a great start to something bigger. Keep at it.
Awesome :) I loved the way you showed his human side, but then he instantly regretted what had happened and went on to do better!
A good outline for a story. Think about developing the character and writing from his point of view so that you show what is happening to him rather than tell.
I believe it is a wonderful story. I too feel frustrated at times witnessing, and run right into the Lord.
I believe that some of us need to develope the skill to work a wonderful story, beginning and ending within 750 word limit--that's a true challenge!! (LOL)
God bless ya,
Enjoyed the intense searching going on here...the SEEKING. I liked this line: "Was a possessed individual ever turned away to hope for a less frenetic day, when the Son of God was free to cast away the demons that had given him death for the most part of his life? Never."
Thisone is sooo close. It just seems to be missing a little something. Great message and strong character.