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Author's note:
(Forgot my references)
2 Corinthians 5:17
Philippians 4:13
Double "duh"--I guess I just disqualified myself too. Oh well . . .
I almost did the same thing recently--correcting my title--but instead emailed another writer who did it for me. Anyway, I liked your story and am sorry about the disqualification.
Ellen, you are still a winner in my books. This is a beautiful story.
Beautifully written story. Don't worry about being disqualified; judges don't read the comments, so this should still be anonymous.

One quick thing: "underwear" instead of "underware".

I love the teensiest hint of possible romance at the end.
I thought your story, not only of patience, but love also, was excellent.
Ellen, your entry has me in tears for this poor sweet little girl left all alone. Yet Romans 8:28 applies here as Ellie has already found love and acceptance from a stranger. Hope we'll see a story from you with the next installment where she finds a home. Love your writing!
Love the last line — good story.
This was so cute! I especially loved the "talking toes." Your MC has a way with kids. :)
Great writing - I got lost in the story. The descriptions of the girl's condition was great, & I love the word "discarded" used to describe her. The last line was awesome.