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Wonderful, wonderful voice. I'm a huge fan of both wit and sarcasm, and you've got them both here....yet the ending is also the perfect note. My favorite so far.
Bring a hopeless romantic and someone who had to wait a long time for God to bring the right person along, I really enjoyed this. I appreciated the honesty and the humor mixed together...
Just delightful. I loved it!
I like the dry humor which is balanced with sincerity and poignancy. God's voice in the middle of her tirade seemed too sudden/fragmented for me. I wanted some thing, some person, or some place to herald His voice. It's hard to explain what I mean. Other than that, I think this is very well-written. It takes talent to weave-in such humor.
Excellent! Well-written; does an excellent job of capturing the feelings of young women stuck in the waiting room.
Oh boy. Can I ever relate! While I've only been in two weddings (one for my own brother), I've definitely felt this way before! (And I have a bit of sarcasm in me too.)

The last lines remind me of a line from a song by my favorite Christian author.... "So she wept in her chamber and burned like a flame, for a man by the name of 'Sir Next Dope Who Came in the Room.'" :) Great job!
There are many girls out there praying the same prayer...but you've ended it wisely, "God know what's best."
The voice is great with just the right amount of "look at me, I'm laughing at myself." Nicely done.
What a way to pray! Supurb.
Greatly done on how hard it is to wait for Mr. Right to finally show up.
Oh my! This has to be one of the funniest pieces that I have read this week, and anyone who knows me knows that I love humorous writing. :)

The sarcasm in this is what I loved the most. Even though it was written from a female point of view, I have caught myself saying some of the EXACT same things to God. I have told him how I am now 26 years old and approaching 30. I have told Him how I am running out of time. And of course, He answers me back the same way that he answered your MC. Lord help the woman who finally does give me a chance. LOL.

I am rooting for this one to be a winner this week! It's just gotta win! I LOVED it! Never knew how great you could pull off humor until now, Glynis. I hope I see more entries like this from you. :)
I just KNEW this one was going to place! So happy! I loved every word of it!
Congratulations on your 2nd place. This is very funny--I love the sarcastic voice. Very nice job.
What fun! As a gal who had to go through tons of frogs and wait until I was 33 to finally get my prince, I loved this! And believe me, he was worth the wait! Great job!
This was oh-so-very-good. I love the sarcasticly real voice of the MC. Congratulations!
I think your writing on this is wonderful! Congrats on your placing!