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Beautiful descriptions. A powerful image of coming to terms with our place in the universe.
A little word heavy in the beginning but the descriptions held up to a grand finale. Thank you for sharing this piece.
Very visual and poetic. Good job!
Beautiful description providing a solid concept of place. Know that kind of despair and yes, God can bring relief when we angry and wallowing in self pity.
I found it a little bit tough to get into this picture at the beginning. I agree with dub, it was "heavy" however at the end I was right in there relaxed and pleased with the picture. God bless ya,
Beautiful! I especially enjoyed the descriptions of the dog and its owners encounter with the girl. Well done!
"Her life seemed insignificant but powerfully destined." Breakthrough! I love the way you ended with a tribute to humility.
So much poetry mixed in actually detracted from the flow. BUT a very visual piece.. Skileld writer. When the opening paragraph described the sunset I immediatly saw the California beach sunset with the sun dipping into the sea ... then a few paragraphs later the moon was raising from the sea. Boy was I confused!... until I realized that in a land far away there are eastern facing beaches! rofl!