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Excellent writing.
A powerful story that should be read by every young teen!!!
Yep, great story, needs to be retold. Note: have your submission proofed - a couple of glitches.
Definitely one of my favorite stories of the week. Good job!
This brought tears to my eyes...this is my winner! Absolutely fantastic...Great fathers raise great men.
This one is great! Even the title is good! A very dramatic telling of consequences of alcoholism.
Very descriptive. Brings one right into the incident, and is capable of making one think. Good as it is, it could be developed more to awaken souls that are deeply bound by alcohol's deception. Roots of addictions are more often than not, a lot harder to get rid of than this piece indicates. But it is a very real example of what how alcohol can take away a man or womans ability to resist the devil's ultimate plans to destroy him/her. My brother-in-law is a prime example. He was a casualty of alcohol exactly like the grandfather. So this "story" needless to say, strikes a real cord in my soul. I suggest you think about developing the article into a real short story for a teen magazine.
Awesome entry and well deserved win!

Congrats! Well told lesson in a descriptive story.
Great work, Tony. Covered an enormous amount of ground with great skill is in a restricted word count.
Wonderful!! Deserved win.