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Lucky Prissy!
Heartfelt story well told.
Unique, witty and entertaining. Nice read that kept my interest, AND most importantly - Well Written, which I personally find, very refreshing. Good job!
I loved your idea of "being adopted." The humor in your story is delightful. Well done.
What a fun story that so classically illustrates who chooses whom.
Lovely and sweet. I'd have liked to get to know Prissy even better. This was an extremely pleasant read.
What a clever and fun story. You did a good job of bringing it full circle, and it read so smoothly. Well done!
What a delightful read. It flowed so smoothly, and I loved that you were "adopted" and not the cat. Sounds to me like Prissy got a good home and you got a good cat. ;)
Oh, I love it! Prissy is definitely a keeper and I can relate to having a special cat who was abused. I'm so glad that she found a great home, with lots of love. Great job! ^_^
There is nothing nicer than being adopted by an animal - especially a cat. Easy to read and totally enjoyable. Well done.
I love your miss Prissy and how she adopted you. This was a great story and well done. Keep up the good work my friend.