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Creative, witty, refreshing, suspenseful (to the point of wondering 'What type' of animal was the Lindstrum family?), and on target Topic-wise, which might be considered far-fetched and out in left field, but I found it to be interesting, intriguing and entertaining! Kudos to this Writer for a well written, cool, fun and enjoyable read! Absolutely delightful....
Very imaginative story with a clever conclusion.
Cute, clever, and fun. This must have been SO much fun to write! I'd love to see this illustrated (LOL though, it would take away the surprise WAY too soon!).
This is fun! It's well written, and the last line made me giggle. Thumbs up.
I loved, loved, loved this story! So creative and the ending was awesome! I really hope that this one places high this week, because this is the kind of story that makes the writing challenge so much fun. Definitely my kind of story here. :)
I enjoyed this creative tale, and especially the chuckle at the end.
Extremely creative! I especially enjoyed the sequence where the family is considering different types of pets...very amusing.
Very creative. The title is perfect!

A few more commas in places would have made a smoother read for me, well-executed otherwise.

And an interesting twist on the topic. The topic asked for a "family" pet; didn't say what kind of family it had to be. Nice work! Blessings, Cheri