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I can relate to your description of the life of a writer. : ) The connected moment with your mother-in-law brought back memories of my time of ministry with Alzheimer's. During that time, I discovered there is another way of communication that is beyond words.
You skillfully pulled together different parts of our decaying bodies and minds, but gave us hope of the resurrected heart - well done!
This was written with such obvious love! I really liked this, especially the words about your mother-in-law and your brother somehow joined as one, each supplying what the other lacked. Just like we as believers are to be in the Body of Christ. Beautiful word pictures! Well done!
Beautiful, esp. this line: 'I imagine the two of them joined, mind and body, to make one whole human being.' We must be mind sisters in the way our mind works:)
My wife has read a few of the pieces this week and this is her favorite. (including mine, much to my chagrin) She wants know if she can borrow the title for my epitaph :) Very touching and well written piece! Recommended reading for writers and their spouses alike.
Is this a journal entry or a blog? So, true throughout...the writer's life. Good message included.
You had me smiling in self-recogintion, I tend to jump tracks quite often. But I could connect with the heartache of seeing loved ones having health problems. Wonderfully written.
I appreciated this article. Well written with a very "real" feeling to it.
I too can identify with the fly away thoughts and unfinished tasks and the solitude that seem to attend my life as a writer. Well described. So true that there are often no answers to life's deep issues. A polished piece of journalling.
Great piece! You drew me in with your description of your writer's spirit. I knew we were kindred spirits. Your approach reminding me of the painted Norman Rockwell did of himself painting himself. You wrote of how your mind works and it becomes the story. Very gifted.
Very well done. Reminds me that even though our bodies and minds may falter, our SPIRITS never get old!