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I loved how you built anticipation for Mammaw's trunk, and then increased it when Mom slammed it shut. I just wish there had been kind of closure for the reader. Was there something that caused that response? Did you discover what it was? Did you ever go through the trunk? I LOVED the anticipation you built, that was great.
There are lovely memories here!

More paragraphs with a space between would make for easier reading. (When we cut and paste, the paragraphs get all run together).

I like your idea of an old trunk to hold special family memories.
You did a good job of building anticipation as to what was in the memory trunk. The treasures inside did not disappoint. I wish we could have known your mother's secret as to why she shut the trunk, but I guess some things are meant to be kept quiet. I'm sure you enjoyed getting to know your grandmother through her memories. I enjoyed reading this.
My grandmother had a similar trunk which contained similar items. I remember being fascinated with her old high school yearbook that she kept in it. You brought great memories back to my mind with your story. :)

I found a couple of typos, but I won't point them out, because you are a competent writer, and I'm sure if you look this over you will see them too. Nothing major though, and they did not take away from this great story.

Keep up the great writing.