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Very on-topic poem. Good job.
Your title really got my curiosity going. : ) This type of poetry is not easy to write and you’ve done a great job with the rhyme and meter. I’m truly impressed. You’ve chosen the perfect names for the ladies. Dame Bumble -- which she definitely did. : ), then Dame Humble -- what a beautiful character. I loved this: With a loud clap of thunder,
In Bumble would blunder, - And the houses would shiver and shake. - She would shatter the glass, - And shrivel the grass, - And the earth would a-quiver and quake. You’ve done really nice work on this creative entry.

Very entertaining poem!

A poet as gifted as you is ready to move on to more complex and unexpected rhymes--rhymes of two or three syllables, fewer cliche' rhymes like "love" and "above". I know you can do it--this is superb!
Love your title and the message in this toe tapper. Well done.
Nice job with this rolicking rhythm, and clear illustration of the topic. Unless you needed the word count, I think you could have omitted the final stanza, as you had done such a good job of showing, that telling was unnecessary.