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This moved and convicted me - you definitely will hit a chord with many, and that is a GOOD thing! Well done!
Great story. You portrayed "loving one another" expertly.
I love this! Thank you for your 12 steps to prayer. I used it for the first time this morning and it gave my prayer time much better direction! I love how you used this story to introduce the power of prayer into mentoring relationships! It is exactly what we need "for such a time as this!"
I loved your character Marjorie, what an inspiration she is. Your story is very good and very well written -- your words just flow. I could appreciate your title once I’d read the story. I enjoyed this message of hurting and hope very much.
This moves along at a great pace because the e-mails are interspersed with Therese's life. Nice touch!
I like the format you chose. How many cannot relate to those times of distance from the Lord? And every time we draw near and ask Him for help, He delivers, albeit His own way and time. Love the message here.
It's amazing how a simple action can bring someone some hope. Thanks for sharing!
Good example of the topic. Thanks for sharing.
Oh boy.. very convicting. I think many of us have been on all 3 sides of this story. The needy one.. the promising one and the doer.. hits home with me anyway.. Great idea.. and relateable!
Your Marjorie is like so many of the kind outreaching people at FW. Thanks for the tender story. Well done.
Very nice example of the topic...great job.
I love it when someone speaks of the importance of prayer and helps direct those who are struggling with knowing how, when or where. This piece is so lovingly written and with such conviction that it shines through and will help many by its light.
As Christians, we should all take the time to pray with each other and lift each other up.

This is a good lesson for us all, and it motivates me to want to find some people to pray and fellowship with. I know people, but I don't always take the time to get together with them.

Thank you for the blessing!
The action of e-mailing someone....followed up by the action of showing up speak very loudly, indeed! With tears, I feel Therese's emotions; and I like the hopeful ending.
Really well done. I too have been on all sides of this situation...very convicting.
Great example of the topic--her actions definitely spoke louder than everyone else's words. This is such a good reminder for us to not only pray for people, but WITH people!!
I saw myself in so many different aspects in this story. There was also a conviction. How well do people see Jesus in me? Well done.
This was beautiful! I could relate to this-especially with feeling the 'virtual zilch' part. I'm glad that there was someone for her and someone who stepped forward and helped. Really well written! ^_^
How often we offer to pray for someone and walk away. Margorie didn't say she would pray for the MC, she offered to WITH her. Great, convicting way to show the topic.
Congratulations on your placement in the top 15 of your level! This was a very inspirational piece and really clinched the topic without even hinting at the proverb! Very nicely done! :D
Congrats on making #15 in your level! ^_^