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Great imagery - and what can personify hate better than your topic? I love the flow of this.
A wonderful tribute to a brave father. Good poem and reminder of anger misdirected and ill-conceived. Good work.
This excellent narrative poem spells out in flowing words the sad result of anger aimed at a specific racial group.
Blind hatred is anger amplified. Your story is both an easy read and a horrible read. It reads quickly and easily and it tells a powerful story without lecturing. The assignment was anger and you did that well. I hope you develop this story further and contrast that anger with your families love. The love is here but given more words and another publishers needs you can develop the other half of this story and make it even more powerful. Good job.
So very many wonderful ( and terrible) images here...I love the framing of what you knew before, and what you knew after...the sights, sounds, and smells've captured an era in one small bowling alley and one small poem. Wow.
Powerful writing. You excel at poetry, and I'm always excited when I see that you've entered one. The story told through here is heartbreaking and emotion packed. Great job!
Can something be both dark and brilliant at the same time? You have accomplished it in this poem. Excellent writing!
Very stirring and a warm tribute to a man who knew the righ thing to do, and idd it! Great writing.
Great writing about a horrilbe subject. It is great to see stories about those who take up the banner and stand bravely against such foolish bigotry.
Oh your poem is so powerful. I want to hear more of this wonderful story. I would read the book! Your poem is well written. I hung on every word. Great job!
Powerful imagery. I love the fact that the father took a stand, though very unpopular. This is well done.
Oh, the images are so vivid I could feel the terror. My heart went out to the family. Children hiding under the bed? - made me angry! Excellent writing.
Excellent, Leigh! You conveyed the feelings so well as you described the events. Great job!!
Wow. Wow. Wow. This was breathtaking, the creativity alone blows my mind. You nailed this one, well done.
Very poignant. And probably very true.
WOW! Loved this! Creative and well-crafted piece, totally perfect for "Angry." You captured the emotion well. This was a particularly awesome line:

"I breathe through my mouth,
pinch my nose
to refuse the stench of hate."

So sad...but wonderfully written.
SO GOOD. Fear seemed to compete strongly with anger as the central theme, but your control and style are exceptional. Thanks for creating this to be read.
Oh Leigh! This is awesome! I lived way down south (FL)during the high school riots and know of homes and business' this happened to.

But you did a fantastic job and I'm so surprised it didn't place anywhere! It's written exquisitely.

Kudos to ya girl. You did a GREAT job.
Wow! This eloquent poem says SO MUCH! Great writing.
Oh, Leigh, how powerful! You've painted the picture so effectively that I could smell the ashes and taste them too right along with the speaker. Excellent free verse! Beautifully and grippingly written!!
Leigh, it's not very often that I get lost in a poem like I would a novel, but this masterpiece of yours did it. I'm left gasping and choked up.
Excellent entry!