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How sad. I suppose they say, 'contempt breeds contempt', which is what this story illustrates. You portrayed the gradual change in words and thought, from those spoken to the MC, to those of the MC very well.
Yes, the images of anger do linger on...and eventually catch up to you in old age when you're alone. How sad. Nicely written entry, and is very creative. Liked this very much.
You have shown how sad and hurtful anger can be. Good job writing.
Very creative take on the topic - and very compelling images. The last paragraph sure packs a whallop!
Sad, sad, sad...and powerfully written.
This is heartbreaking...and beautifully written. Great job!
I have always been glad that a man who lived his life, like the one you described here, finally realizes his mistakes and turns his life over to the Lord before he dies. But your story illustrates the other side of that decision;he lives a terrible life while he's on earth! And the waves of destruction he leaves behind can't easily be stilled.
I think you broke my heart! This was wonderfully done. Very descriptive and to the point. Keep writing His messages.
Powerful story. It pulled me in and the narrative flowed smoothly. Well written.