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Such an endearing entry! Children will love this little story, and I loved it, too.
I don't know what has just happened, but my comments for you got backtracked to the previous entry. I wrote what a story teller you are. You should get your article printed in a children's book so a wider audience can read it.
This is well done. You have given personality to cats (who have so much anyway) and fireflies - neat combination and the simple understanding animals have of our great God. Flows well, reads easily, and could charm children, beautifully illustrated in water colors perhaps. :)
Very good and creative. I preached one time on a vision I had about a flock of lightning bugs. I enjoyed the story and the message. God bless.
Such a wonderful story, and lesson. I loved the surprise he got by letting his light shine - encouraging others to "come out of their shells". Magnificent!
I really enjoyed that. It's the kind of story that can appeal to all ages - especially all those that appreciate cats. Nice to see one portrayed as the good guy for a change!
This has gotta place well.
This is the cutest, cleverest devotional I have ever read. A winner for sure. God bless you.
Very sweet and fun - and I agree, great for kids!
This is wonderful!! The characters are great, and believable and I could see the illustrations as I read. Very Good!!!
This was really incredibly creative; and very, very sweet!
Such a cute story with a great message. I can understand why your children and your class loved it. Not everyone can write for kids, but you did it fabulously!
Okay, here's the verdict:
My ten-year-old: "Good. I think it's going to win."
My seven-year-old: "Is it okay to write 'fire butt?'" She thought it was very funny, but was surprised by your use of "butt" since we don't use that word. How about "fanny fire"? "Butt" is funnier, but not some moms might not approve.

This is an excellent children's story. I enjoyed it and enjoyed reading it to my children. (Hope I don't sound too much like a prude--those were my daughter's concerns more than mine.)
What an absolutely fun story. I loved this. This is great for kids -- with messages on so many levels. Fantastic job with this topic.

Oh, and very well written, too. The dialogue was so realistic -- if bugs and cats could talk. :)
Love it! Crazy about cats and this one is pretty cool!
I'm not a huge fan of anthropomorphic animals--but I AM a big fan of "bottom" humor, and this just slayed me. Perfection!
So clever, and you know how to get and hold a child's attention. Any mention of a butt will do it! Great job!
This is well done and so comical. I can't wait to read it to our 6 year old. I'll let you know what she thought. God bless.