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I knew someone just like your main character (or you, if it's autobiographical!). He told me once that he just knew, as he climbed the ladder to heaven, God was adding rungs to the top! He's in heaven now, and I'm sure every one of his self-imposed guilt trips have vanished into perfect peace! God's grace is so awesome and a grand gift, indeed. Thanks for a great story!
Kool! I liked this entry. A little work on presentation and this would be even better. Keep up the blessed work. God bless.
There were some lovely turns of expression in this piece. I enjoyed the almost frantic deliberations about the Rapture and the assumption that your preacher doesn’t suffer from the same human frailty! Isn’t that typical of how some Christians put on a sanctified veneer that belies the inner battle with their sinful natures.
Good job. Perhaps it is the years and years of my own embarrassment that have also made me "mostly immune." Thanks for sharing this.
Creative spelling, eh? That must have been what you were doing when you wrote "boarders" instead of "borders," right? Good job though.