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Oh that title alone is going to get some views just out of curiosity, and you deliver a great story once the reader arrives! You really made the MC authentic and relatable. The experience was described so well my palms started to sweat re living the experience I had years ago! Great job!
Your story certainly takes me back to my younger years! Who can forget the driver's test and the anxiety before the whole thing starts?! Your reminder that God will help us, even in the "little" things, like parking spaces, is a great ending for your story.
Love the conversational tone of this. The title kinda shocked me, but the read was great. Nice job!
The message to remember to pray and then to thank God for his answer was delivered very well in this little story that strikes a chord with each of us.
I know I have felt that annoying little prick before... Creative story, I enjoyed it!
Doing the happy dance with your MC and thank-you for telling a story of how prayer can and should be worked into our everyday lives.
The title drew me in and your writing kept me there! Great work!
Oh do I remember the day I took my driver's test. I was so nervous and when I was done the instructor gave a loud sigh and said, "Well, you passed...but barely." LOL.

This is well written and it took me back. Good job. I enjoyed it.
Well, umm, what a title. This was an enjoyable read. I liked the mild suspense you built, and loved the outcome. Nicely done.
Good job conveying emotions in the writing. I refelt the horrors of 30 years ago -- when I failed the test the first time. I'm so glad this person passed. Maybe if I had prayed, things would've turned out differently. Nice job.
O, the drama and the trauma of a teen's rite of passage! Interesting to know if that was based on a real live historical character: you? The story was told like it was 1st hand experience.
Good lesson on the way God moves when we have a change of heart, inconvenient though it is.
I've always been told that you need an interesting title to draw the reader's attention... You sure did! Nice job. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that argues with God sometimes. Blessings, Cheri