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Is this a true story? Nicely done.
Oh, your main character has the loveliest personality. I thoroughly enjoyed this story from beginning to end! I also wondered if it was a true story. (It's nice to think such giving people exist in real life!)
A wonderful story. And so much truth to it. Very well written.
Lovely story... It is amazing how God created us so that our emotions can be stirred so easily by music...
I loved the personality of your main character. She seemed quite real--you maybe?
I agree about the MC's personality - and voice! This was just a delightful read and a wonderful story.
Your MC is great! I liked the contrast here between the cousins. You had a slight/mary/martha vibe going on here. I liked it. Good job. I'm glad Aunt Ingrid was all right after all too. ^_^
I love the personality of your main character -- what a lovely person. This is very well written. Realistic dialogue and descriptions. Great job.
This is a great story. Your writing is solid. I liked the ending. The MC wanted her aunt to be happy. Very nice.
Very enjoyable. I liked how you wove it all together and especially liked the ending.