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I like the ending of this one - in spite of our lacks of confidence we still have a friend to the end.
Good job, keep up the good work!
Wonderful poem, with all the elements that elevate a poem into the ranks of excellence.
I can relate to sooo many passages here. This is really a wonderful poem! You've captured thoughts and failures we've all had, beautifully.
Charming and lovely. I love how lighthearted and serious - at the same time - this is. A blessing to me for sure.
Oh, I just love this poem. It rhymes beautifully. Such a blessing to read.
I enjoyed the gentle humour and the pathos in this poem - cleverly constructed and well-balanced. Well done!
This poem is very well put together and a true blessing.
As I get older I understand this more and more. I like the phrase you used, "misplaced confidence". This is very good and flows well.
What true statements in your poem! Youth worries about "self" confidence. Perhaps it takes years to realize this "misplaced confidence," finding only in the embrace of our precious Savior how to be truly "confident." You are right on topic and on target with your poetry, here.
How true, our faith, our only hope is Him. This was beautifully written with a profound message.
Lovely poem...beautiful message!
oh! What a good one! Self-confidence vs. confidence in God. Very good!
Beautifully bittersweet! You've struck home with so many of your readers here, and age doesn't even have to be a factor in this one. This goes straight to the heart in such lovely rhyme and rhythm. Loved it!
Great description of this season of life. I think what blessed me the most about your piece was the way you started and ended with God's faithfulness! Thank you very much!
Very well done! To the point and easy to relate to. The second to last verse was very meaningful. My only note is the second line in the second verse kind of seems...short? Could just be me though. Good job. ^_^
A beautifully written poem. I love the comparison implied between confidence in self or in God. Great writing!
Ohhhh! I love this beautiful poem. It blessed me today.
Hopefully this does not become every Senior's lament and learn from a Senior while they are young. Well written. God bless.
Nicely done - I enjoyed this very much. Great message!
Verna, this is great! I'm going to have to read more of your poetry. What a lovely piece!
I really appreciated the spirit of this poem. It is such a good reminder of the One we can be confident in.
Thank you for sharing this.
"I felt assured those dear to me, would never from me stray..."
The human condition in a nutshell... love and loss and loss and love... can't get around it, deny it, and yet HE is always there, no matter what...! Hope for us springs eternal.. GREAT WRITING!