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Oh I loved this! Wonderful writing with a blatant message at the end! An excellent and creative piece! I haven't read many entries yet but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see this one in the top 8!
Blessings, Lynda
A favorite! A contender indeed!
I love the theme. Coming from light to darkness to bring someone to the father. Well done.
This was such a well-written story, it drew mw right in. Could we be looking at a winner here?
I enjoyed the part about the father's house having many rooms. Creative connection with Scripture!
Wow, this was excellent in every way.
Awesome! I loved it. Your descriptions are so vivid. I can see Emmy in her sweater and sandals (and I believe her, I wear sweaters and sandals, too). I love the compassion that builds in Emmy as she recognizes Mia and the conclusion. My father's house has many rooms! Perfect.
Religion personified in Roland. Rules and regs that knock the compassion of Christ right out of us. The beauty of fiction is that it sugars the messages that we need to have repeated. We should ask ourselves if we have any spiritual Mia's in our lives. Thanks for the well done parable.
Loved in my father's house their are many rooms! Excellent!
This is a story I have come away with -- or rather -- has come away with me. A job very well done! Pat
It really touched me.And encouraged me.
Really enjoyed this one. A very creative and engageing take on the subject. Kept me in suspence as to who the homeless person was and the spiritual truth was not predictable.
Maxx ... remember what I said about the ratings for this week's semi-finalists being a very, very tiny stones throw away from one another? Well, never was that more true than in your own case. You were the next in line for the Editors' Choice. You are an excellent writer and I know that you have a huge future ahead of you. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Beautiful, Maxx. How we in our rags can be invited to the Father's party. Crushingly simple and powerfuly told. A winner in my book!
The most "Christian" (to borrown an extremely over used word) story you've ever written. I don't mean that in a bad way, but it seemed like you were writing for the judges. Or maybe you were trying a compeltly different writing style, which really wouldn't surprise me. This one was very touching. I loved how I saw myslef as Emmy. Dirty, without salvation walking into destruction, yet He found me. This is a beautiful story, that every person can relate to. I also see that people are liking your style. I tihnk this is the third or fourth entry that has placed in the top five in a row. I feel so inferior to comment on your writings due to your enormous talent. I hope you don't think I'm sugar coating your stories or repeating myself. I mean every word that I'm typing. But honestly, your writing astounds me. By the way, have you written any books? Anything I can get my hands on?