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I really like this. The humor is great. (I never thought of this as a humorous story -- but you had me laughing out loud.) Even knowing the end of the adventure, your writing kept me wanting to read. Great job.
I love the voice of this. Definitely a fun, lighthearted look at a pretty tragic adventure. The dialogue absolutely made the piece.
Loved the title. The humor is great and the human-ness you attributed to well known characters through the dialogue is makes this a captivating read. The ending was great. Excellent writing!
Really funny interpretation here, with a great last line.
First, the title is awesome, I loved it. The humor was great, you used a well known story and spun something new from it, but kept it Biblical. This was a great adventure I enjoyed reading!
Loved the humor and even the way the scenes were handled. Some technical issues, but none the less a decent handling of a tragic event.
Fun story!
So much to love here--and my favorite bit is "goat milk breath." Ew, I can only imagine.

I like the quick scene changes, like snapshots. Effective writing device. This one's a keeper!
Woweee!you really make this incident come alive and with a humrous flavor the reader can ideantify with. Great job. Loved it!Janice
So much I like about this one - the dialog, the humor, the Biblical story brought to life, to name a few. Well done!!!
This piece has a good feel and a great voice. I was dropped into the scene quite naturally. Love the touches of humor, too. Well done.
I absolutely LOVED this! This IS a keeper. Way too cool take on this story. It's great. Made my day!
Great job here! This is my second favorite bible story. I love your title and the different POV's as the day starts. A very new look at Baruk too. Lol. I love his ongoing thoughts throughout the day. And the line with the Goats Milk breath was pure genius. Great writing, friend! ^_^
Wow! I found this such an interesting read with a profound message. It was like sitting in a tent and listening to wonderful heritage narrattive told by a masterful story teller.