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Love the line..."you're a living Valentine." Any lady would be happy to receive a poem like this.
This was written by a great writer and romantic. I absolutely loved it!
Someone is a very fortunate lady. :)
A beautiful little poem and So well stated. The rhythm is off a bit in the last verse...but still I thought it lovely.
05/25/07 it!!!
Great tribute to a love. Makes me think of my husband. Fantastic.
A delightful way to serenade your love!
Wonderful tribute to the one you love.
Absolutely beautiful! this is one of my favorites, out of all that I've read this week. That first stanza is excellent!
One thought for critique: the rhymes in that last line sound a bit forced - the line "That's all that I can say" sounds a bit like it was thrown in just because it rhymes. I don't think you really need the last stanza - the stanzas before it express all you need to say!
Great poem, I really enjoyed it.