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I loved this story! Beautiful, vivid descriptions and dialogue that makes all the characters come alive. I could see the pouncing big cat and feel with the little goat.

Wonderful message too--a foreshadowing of Jesus' mercy in an Old Testament setting. Creative and original.

I was also drawn in by the title--any personal name in one sparks my curiosity.

Great job!
This is beautiful. What a wonderfully creative idea (I wish I had thought of it - LOL). I'm really glad the lepers saw the hope of God in Sebastian instead of dinner. What an interesting history we humans have with animals - before Christ even our salvation was tied to the animal kingdom. God bless the little scapegoat. Thank you for giving him a name. Excellent!
This was simply lovely. I could picture the surroundings, here the bleat, and I definitely enjoyed the message. Good work!
Wow, this is great... Very creative and inspiring!
The title fits this story perfectly. Love it! Very descriptive. Keep up the great work!
I love how you put the name "Yahweh" into your story. I also loved the message of God's mercy. Well done!
Oh, I just want to shout "Halleluia!" What a revelation of the mercy that endures forever! I really appreciate your creative take on the topic, your powers of description (I could feel the terror seeing that cat aiming for MY throat), and your point-of-view character. This goes in my favorites---what an awesome illustrated children's storybook this would make.
Absolutely fascinating - what a VERY creative take on this OT practice. Extremely enlightening and passionately written.
Great writing. You made the scenes come alive.
Great story! I love the goat's point of view... very cute! And good job of elaborating on part of the Bible that we rarely think about. :) Congrats on second place.
I'm so glad to see your name and story up in lights in the winners' circle! Congratulations!