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A poem that reads so well you don't even notice it's a poem-wonderful!

Elizabeth Burton
I agree, it took me a bit to realize it was poem because I was so enraptured by the story. Then realizing it was a poem, it just got better. This shines!
Wow - very intriguing and descriptive. It may just be me, but I found it a little difficult to read though. I was a bit distracted by the long lines in the poem, but when I started to read it simply as a story (without focusing on the rhythm, rhyme etc), I began to enjoy it.
This is one of those pieces that just grows on you! Those last two stanzas really tied the story together. THe fact that this is a true story makes it even better. I'm not sure if I like the really long lines of th middle poem, though. Simply because some flow and some don't. If you're reading it as a poem.
What a story...what a poem. It captures the reader, reads beautifully. Well Done!! And this one hits home personally. My grandmother was in this fire. From what has been passed down through the family, your story is very accurate. She talked about standing in a river holding her younger sister.
This poem is a masterpiece, a marvelous accomplishment.
WOW! This is just excellent in every way, and so precious. I hope it does well.
Edy, my dear dear, Edy, what an incredible entry. Creative, informative, and such talent. One of my favorites of yours I can remember. Excellent job. God bless.
STANDING OVATION!! One of my absolute favorites this week!
Just wonderful. I SO wish I could write poetry like this! Fascinating history brought to life so masterfully!
Utterly amazing!
An absolutely delightful narrative poem. I love the alliteration, as well as the story.
WOW! Edy- what a wonderful telling! I was caught up in the rhythm and cadence of the story. It "marched" pictures past my mind. Then to reach the end and find out it was true! So vivid- great job. hugs
Incredible masterpiece! You gave chills in couple of places. I love your writer's voice!