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This story has it all. I certainly couldn't just skim this one! Heartbreak over the callous waste of a life, insight into hearts touched by the Gospel, wanting to make amends for the sins of others. This would be a great introduction to a tv movie. Bravo, more, more!
Wow, great story! You had me pulled in with the first few lines. I loved the characters and the suspense - what the rest of the story? :)
I loved the dialogue and the authenicity. Great story!
Excellent dialogue and characterization. This was a very engrossing read.
oh, this was really good! There were a few boo-boos that could have been caught with a thourough once-over before submission, but if those were fixed, you'd have an excellent story on your hands! Keep up the good work!!
Wonderful! Authentic dialect, and a really atmospheric piece. I could feel the heat and dust, and hear the horses' hooves. Love it.
*grin* I like this! (I just deleted at least one ! for you.) The descriptions and dialog are great--those smoke signals provided a good punch at the end. It made me think, too.
Ooooooooooh! What a suspenseful way to end your story! I loved how Breed "baptized" the guy with water from his canteen! :) Excellent writing and exciting tale!
You ought to place with this one! Kudos.
What a story of the early days of cowboy and indian! Very well written.
This'll be a hard one to beat. Very thought-provoking and great dialogue.
One of my top favorites this week. Perfectly woven from the title to the end.
I felt like I was watching an old John Wayne movie while reading this scene you painted with your words. Great job!
Just the right touch of the old West. I have to admit, at first I thought you were talking about Billy the Kid. I'm a big one for authentic dialogue, and I think you did a good job, though there were a couple things I would have done differently. Over all, a good read.

Now, what happened next?
I like it. It's good. And very much reminds me of a good 'ol western movie.
Ooh, great voice. I thoroughly enjoyed this.