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A beautifully written story by a writer, and the frustration is vividly understood by all other writers...but I failed to see the mystery here. But what do I know? I'm no Mary Higgins Clark, John Grisham or Agatha Christie either. (^.^)
The mystery is perhaps why he is experiencing writer's block? And the solution - he needed to make things right before God and with his wife? This was very well written, and I think most writers will empathise, though I'm not too sure about where it fits in the mystery genre.
Very well written story. I agree with the others that the mystery doesn't exactly cry out--except maybe for the mystery in why we actually do this thing called writing?

Either way, excellent work.
Powerful lesson here. Your description of the inner struggle and the actions resulting from it are great. Good job.
Whoo boy, that's good.

I agree with the others, where's the mystery?
Excellent story...It had the elements of mystery as to why his writing talent had left him-- which was solved when he recognized he'd made everything be about himself.
Great pov here. If we leave God out of the picture there's nothing left but empty scenery.
Wow. You have some very vivid descriptions that I can definitely relate to. The first two paragraphs are my favorite. Some italics maybe for the MC's thoughts might have helped to sharpen this a bit, but good job!
I really like those out of the box entries that aren't directly tied to the theme. I loved this because it was well written, engaging, and to me the mystery is one I ask often--why do I do this thing called writing again? Excellent job!