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This is absolutely wonderful. What a prayer ministry - while most of us are engrossed in our own lives, we could/should instead be praying for those around us. Great ending. Beautifully written.
I love the gentle flow of this story and especially the wonderful ending...great job!
What lovely images you made!! Your detail is perfect- Can I ask about the ending? I was abit confused about the ear ...Did I miss something cause it seemed as though there was a mystery there? I read it twice and thought two different things but loved the whole story either way! Great writing:)
Wonderful story. I like the ending. It leaves us to imagine different things about the ear. The reference to the road and its link with the first gave your story a little magic to it. Great writing.
Wonderful story. I think I got the ending right. If I'm right, there's about to be a reunion here.
Lovely images, and it has left my imagination whirling. Great stuff!
Okay, I'm a little confused. I think I get who the young man is. However, there's not quite enough dialog between the two to help me out on that part of the story. I'll have to call out for help, but, no matter. I love a suspenseful, mystery...and this certainly is. I'll review the clues. Perhaps I'm just too tired right now!
Every week you astound me, Pat. You're so gifted and versitile! This is gorgeous.
I loved the mystery, but even more the wonderful descriptive writing!
This is excellent. I like the way you left it open-ended for the reader to fill in the blanks. You know you're going to have to expand on this now, don't you?
Oh this is good. I think the blanket went to just the right person. :)
Wow, Pat! You've really pulled me into this and I want more!! Great writing!
Wow! Wonderful, you captured my interest, held me and left me wanting more. Writing at its finest!
I loved the story and I also have a guess about the ending. I think she chose her ministry for a reason, and that she might have been looking for that young man for some time. Whatever the reason, I loved the story and I thank you for sharing it
You are a master with description, especially when it comes to nature and seasons. This was really good!