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Touching! Very tenderly written in a way I hadn't thought of Mary before. Excellent job with taking a new angle. ^_^
This is a beautiful poem; well thought out and executed. I too have begun to wonder.
Beautiful poem - I was smiling when I realized it was Mary. Thanks for showing us another side of her.
The thoughts are beautiful, the poetry flawless. Fits the topic, too. Love it so much!
Beautifully done. Please put this in the free reprint area when the challenge is over! It does make you wonder.
Your rhythm is lilting and the words of your poem flow effortlessly. Nice job!
Very well done. It makes Mary more human. It helps us identify with her and marvel, once again, at the strength it took....and the honor she was given. It all still boggles my mind.
I like this. It flowed nicely. I've often wondered what Mary thought as she waited for the birth of the Son. Kudos.
Oh, Verna, this is beautiful! So delicate and lovely and meaningful. Wonderful.
How wonderful! So creative and unique.
This was beautiful and tender - I can see why it's your favorite. I hope it's used somewhere during Christmas - it should be. It's lovely.
This is sweet and well done! It's nice to imagine what Mary would have been thinking. Thanks for bringing her to life in your own special way. Blessings, Jo
Oh, I like this. The only thing I might change (and this is purely my opinion) would be to add a final verse that attempts to answers these questions.
Verna, this is so delightful! It really takes me into Mary's heart and mind. I know it's anachronistic to say this, but I couldn't help but hear the gentle yet driving rhythm of a sewing machine in this poem. Am I really way off with that thought? LOL! I loved this poem. It's so sensitive and precious.
How lovely and what a unique perspective. Great job.
A very sweet poem. Easy to read and a lovely spirit embodied in its words. Thanks for sharing it
Touching and sweet, it really does make you think. Lovely!
Great poem. I love the image of Mary sitting sewing with other women. Reminds us that she was an ordinary person.
What a sweet poem giving us insight into the heart of Mary, who pondered all these things in her heart! We often overlook the shame that must have been laid on her for her "condition." Yet, she knew how hard it would be for those detractors to understand the miracle.

You've captured her, here, in such a way that we better glimpse the character we only know as Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus.