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What a fun trip down "Challenge memory lane!" The dreamlike quality of this was evident from the beginning, so I liked it much, much better than other "dream sequence" pieces. Very good!
There is SO much I like in this piece. The dream was so realistically dreamlike in the changing scenes, and not knowing where you are, but then suddenly remember why. The running running running was such a perfect lead-in to the un-banquet. I got goosebumps when I read "You will receive crowns, but your deep desire will cause you to throw them at the feet of Christ." That image always gets me.

Great descriptive writing - excellent. I agree, much better than at least one other dream sequence. :)
You see me standing and applauding? This piece deserved it. It was lots of fun, and well written. (insert more applause here)
This is really wonderful. I loved the images here and you told the story very well. Thanks so much for sharing this.
WOW! I felt as if I were having the dream. Very vivid and creative idea.Great job. Congrats on highly commended!
Thanks for commenting on "Mistaken war hero"
Great beginning, on-topic, WONDERFULLY descriptive piece without going overboard!!! I wanted to read it and love it when I got through. Way to work an entry!!! Good job! Of course, that's just my opinion. ;)
Leigh, this is great! I loved it! I loved the pace of this piece, the dreamlike quality, the encouraging message and your wonderful writing. I look forward to reading more of your stories. Congrats on your very well deserved placement!
Ha! Loved your fireman and policeman and all the rest rushing to the banquet. Hilerious. Good job.
Very creative and unique way of writing about theme. Your descriptive and action words kept my interest and curiousity. Very insightful and inspirational while at the same time your humorous characterizations made me chuckle. You are gifted, keep up the good work.