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What a wonderful tribute! So nice to see a couple who appreciates each other. I too am blessed with a thoughtful husband. Praise the Lord for good marriages! Thank you for sharing your story.
This is lovely! I was fully engaged all the way through, but I just grinned at the deodorant bit--such a sweet, charming touch!
So its your husband making it hard on the rest of Can't let my wife read this one. He does laundry too? Excellent story. I loved it. Good job. God bless.
This is a wonderful, wonderful tribute to you man. At first, I was wondering if you were talking about my man. :) I wish I had written this.

I may send this to my hubby to let him know what I think of him.

Great & awesome job.
I love your voice, and all the wonderful details you give us throughout this. What a gem you have! (But I do believe I've told you that before!!)
Yes! Wonderful voice and a nice easy flow to attribute of a powerful character of a man.

And it sounds typical that he would think of your favorite deodorant ... not once ... but five times!

Great job!
This is just wonderful! It is a lovely tribute to a very thoughtful spouse. The deodorant part was funny, but rang true with me. I have the same dilemma when I go looking for my original scent solid. ;0) Thank you for sharing your unsung hero with all of us.
Beautifully worded parallels in the first three paragraphs! And what a glowing tribute.

Yes, I think he qualifies as an unsung hero.
Praise God for wonderful hubbies (I know I'm thankful for mine!) Nicely told :)
Wow! What a blessing to have such a wonderful hubby, and I loved your way of telling about him. This story was wonderful and heartwarming. Thanks for sharing it.
Wonderful tribute! I think I would have enjoyed it even more in a story format rather than essay, but that's just my own preferences. Great job!
Loved reading this - for a moment there I thought I was reading about my own hubby! But he doesn't need to make me lunch - I make his! I work at home.

So good to read about others who love and appreciate their spouses - not enough of that in this world!

Really enjoyed reading this.
What a sweet tribute! I loved the end with the five deoderants... :)Good job!
Thanks for commenting on "Mistaken War Hero"!