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Super! This was highly entertaining--true science fiction, but with--well, with soul!

Two minor changes: The title should be spelled "Soulless" with two l's, and I think the professor would be more impressed by doctorates in computer science than by master's degrees.

Those were very minor--I really love this piece, and especially the image of the angel loosening the chains on his soul.
Oh, very intriguing story! Well written and easy to follow. Being somewhat of a computer techie myself, I could easily picture this. This could have really been hard for many to read yet it flows very well!
Great story. I loved the description of the professor's soul. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing this.
Commenter Sue stated it well: "it would be hard for some to follow this" and it's true. I'm not a sci- fi fan so it's above my head; but I did see the Turing Award and also a TurNing Award...which confused me; but entry was unique and Great for Comp & Sci-Fi fans!
Interesting look at soul. Made me think of the redemption of my own soul and how it changed one slice at a time. Great take and good writing.
Brilliantly done! And subtle. I love the suspense as the angel draws his sword . . . Then to discover it's a sword of freedom, not of judgment! Tremendous originality & creativity.
I'm not a sci-fi fan but I liked this entry. I'm with Deanna and her comments as well.
Powerful stuff here. I loved it. I was surprised by the Angel's actions, yet I liked the direction it took.