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Nice sweet, story about your Joy...
What a tremendous testimony to the grace of God. A few typos to fix, but this is a great story and I would have liked to have had you fill in the gap between childhood and university. Thanks.
Your story of Joy blessed my heart, thank you for sharing.

Great job!
Your story is wonderful. You don't want to stop with a story,
you've got a book of a life full
of struggles but, oh, obviously also full of miracles. God bless your JoJo.
Wonderful story. I sure hope both of you are journalling everyday. I agree you have a book of a life that can touch
oops. i'm not real computer savvy. I sense you have a book in the making that could touch an untold number of people. may God bless all of you.
I loved this. What a heart-warming story. So glad your daughter has done so well, and clearly she loves the Lord like you do. God bless.
I read where Joanna means "God is gracious. Your story reminds of of Ps 111:4 "He hath made His wonderful works to be remembered. The Lord is gracious and full of compassion." I believe your daughters story, when fully told, will be one that will be remembered. And I'm sure her life brings Joy to God's heart that she is living her name. God Bless both of you.
I agree with those who hope you will write a book about your daughter. Both of my brothers had Cerbral Palsey and were severely retarded. That's what people called it back then. Even though they never improved like your daughter, they certainly improved the rest of us. Thanks for sharing this picture from your life.