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Interesting. Loved the poem.
Great take on Moses. A fun read.
I guess I'm being dense, but I don't get it. If this guy is really Moses, how did he get there? And what does that hymn have to do with Moses? How would Moses even know that hymn? You writing style is definitely engaging, and the story is quite creative. (It must be just me...)
I am also confused and I don't get it. I like the way you tell the story, though, but I'm left wondering at the meaning.
Sorry, but I have to join the 'don't get it' brigade. But you have a nice turn of phrase.
I love the poem at the end. The story is an interesting read, but I also missed the point.
Ok ok the song.. The love of God.. the last verse was taken from the word engraved on the wall of an asylumn.. by a man SAID to be insane... it wasnt Moses, but it could of been..
Honesty is the best policy. The piece needs editing...words left out, commas needed, etc.; however, it was intriguing - but typical of a mental facility. It could be fiction, folklore, mystery...but there was no conclusion, no message...just a beautiful poem. Keep at it...there is great possibilities here.
Pup,I love your story! It reminds me of the old Twilight Zone stories. I think the jist of the whole thing that maybe some missed was "Your people didn't believe me the first time, they didn't believe God, nor did they believe His Son. What makes you think I would expect you believe me now?" I guess Peter and John, just like your doctor, were a bit astonished too when Moses disappeared in front of them on the mountain! Congratulations on doing so well!
Yes, congrats, pup, on breaking into the top thirty! No small feat! I agree that this story is reminiscent of the Rod Sterling stories that captured and held the attention of so many...and now still does on the 'flashback' TV channels. Good job!!